Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rajang River

The Rajang River or known as Sungai Rajang is a river in Sarawak, Malaysia. The river is located in northwest of Borneo and it originates in the Iran Mountains. The river flows approximately 563 km to the South China Sea, making it the longest river in Malaysia. The upper part of Rajang River is also known as Batang Balui by the Orang Ulu. Some of the more important tributaries are the Katibas River, the Balleh River, the Bangkit River and the Kanowit River. Malaysia's largest and tallest (160m) hydro electric project, Bakun Hydro Electric Dam Project, is located on Batang Balui narrow Bakun Fall.

The biggest town on the river is Sibu, some 60 kilometers upriver from the mouth of the Rajang. The next major settlement upriver is Kanowit built on the mouth of Kanowit River at the bank of Rajang River, approximately 174 kilometers from the coast of South China Sea and about an hour boat ride from Sibu, followed by Kapit as the last major town on the river. Others smaller towns are Song and Belaga.

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